How not to manage your credit card debt in 2018


For an average American household, managing credit card debt and improving credit score has become one of the most troubling issue he/she has had to grapple with. There are many solutions and advice by financial expert on how to manage your credit card debt, however, some of the solutions are not that straight forward and can not be easily implemented by the financially naive consumer.


Whether you understand financial terms and rules or not, The burden of indebtedness is what most people will give an arm and leg to be free from. In this article you will discover some simple tricks o how not to manage your credit card debt.


Firstly, for any individual, corporation or organization to effectively manage it debt then the individual or organization must be aware of the totality of its debt. You can not just start paying off debt you are not aware of. Most American household often acquire credit cards in various forms according to Matthew D. Zimmelman you must consider yourself carrying too much credit card debt if you cant pay them all off in six month. Therefore it is essential to be abreast of your level of indebtedness for you to be able to manage the debt efficiently. Not having the global picture of your indebtedness before embarking on a debt management plan is definitely not how to manage your credit card debt.


Secondly, In other to effectively and efficiently manage credit card debt, individual, corporation and organizations, particularly small business owners must learn to curtail their obligations to other financial and non financial institutions. When in debt, a school of thought advises that you need to spend your way out of debt. This is farther from the truth, you must learn to tame your obligations to creditors, cut down on other expenses and then make budgeting your watch word. Not preparing a budget and implementing the prepared budget is definitely not the way to manage your credit card debt. To get out of debt a well prepared and implemented budget will assist in saving for the debt management plan.


Finally, In other to effectively manage your credit card debt individual, corporations and organization must be aware of unscrupulous debt consolidation companies, who will promise heaven and earth and at the end deliver little on their promises. It is foolhardy for a debtor to jump at debt consolidation companies without first doing his due diligence and gathering necessary information about the organizations. That definitely Is not how to manage your credit card debt. A proper background check of debt consolidation company will expose the undesirable element among them from the genuine and honest debt consolidation company. Like I always advice, always consult a financial advisor or a reputable debt management organization for adequate counselling so that you will be able to effectively manage your debt and regain financial freedom


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