Living your dream lifestyle staying debt free


Imagine having fully paid the mortgage on your home, imagine living a lifestyle of opulence, imagine using a debit card for your purchases instead of a credit card. Just imagine, how lovely life would be for you and your loved ones. What if I tell you a debt-free life is possible? Yes I mean it is absolutely possible to have it all. Let us dive into it a little further and discover how you can begin to live your dream lifestyle totally debt free.


Make a record of your current debt And clear it off: In other to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed off you must, first of all, tend to the previous or pre-existing financial obligations or debt. Call your creditors to a meeting and discussion on how to clear it off. Pay as much as you possible towards the debt and make sure to eliminate them as possible as you can.


Reduce the rate you spend on expensive things:

while purchasing expensive kinds of stuff is not a way to stay debt free. Why not purchase the lower expense things instead. For example, instead of purchasing a house that Is more expensive why not purchase the inexpensive own. Instead of purchasing a new car why not manage the one you have before.


Make more money:

if the income you make is not enough to support the lifestyle you want, why not consider getting an additional job. Getting the additional job will help you achieve the debt-free lifestyle and the dreamed lifestyle and still give you the privilege to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle you are used to.


Prepare and stick to a spending plan:

You either get a pen and a paper or a spreadsheet program and list out all necessary expenses including unavoidable expenses such as utility bills, rent etc. Calculate your total income and subtract it from your expenses to see how much you have left. It is the money left that you can now spend on the luxurious things you wish for.


Don’t depend on the credit card:

In other to live the dreamed lifestyle you don’t have to depend on the credit card. This is one of the indication assuring a debt-free lifestyle, although it doesn’t mean that you should not use the credit card but learn to throw the card away and bring it out only in emergency situations.


Learn to use the Wallet system:

As soon as you make an income or at the end of every month go to your spending plan and cash out enough money from your account and divide it into your wallet. Label each wallet with the specific needs you have and slip some dollars into it. For example, you can label a wallet for transportation then you slip $200 into it for a month ensure not to spend than that.


In summary, making a record of your current debt and creating a strategy to clear it off, reducing your spending habit, making more money, sticking to a spending plan and using the wallet system are all ways in which you can use to live the dreamed lifestyle and be free from debt. And never forget that endurance and planning is the keyword to the successful lifestyle you dreamed of.



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