How To Retire Early And Not Be In Debt


Retirement is a term commonly used to describe a state of being retired from one’s business or occupation. Every actively engaged individual look forward to sometime in his later years when he or she will no longer have to join the everyday hustling and bustling going on in the society, in fact, the new trend in the society is to retire early so as to have longer days to enjoy the rest of your life, touring other countries and generally just cruising around the world. This article  will focus primarily on steps to take if you desire a life of luxury and opulence in your later years absolutely debt free.

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The following are 5 simple and effective ways of planning an early fun-filled retirement without accumulating debt:


The first step to retiring early is to do the math: By doing the math we mean do a critical financial analysis of your current status .I.e what is your current age and at what age do you hope to retire, how much are you currently earning, how much are you putting aside towards early retirement and how much do you need to put aside. It is absolutely important to engage in the arithmetic as this will give you an outlay of what needs to be done.


The second step to retiring early and not be in debt is to cut down on your expenses: A lot of the times people often overindulge themselves, spending excessively on their wants instead of their needs. If you desire to retire early and stay out of debt, then a more frugal lifestyle will help you achieve your aim. Cut down on your automobile cost, leisure travels, luxury hotel, etc. The money you save can further help to prepare you for your desired early retirement.


In order to retire early and stay debt free, you must set in motion mechanism for wiping out your entire present debt structure if any. In other to retire early and be at peace, you will need to have paid off your mortgage and all other consolidated debt, do not even think of accumulating credit card debt, always endeavor to pay the balance on your credit card at all times.


Aggregate your income and potentials: By aggregating all your income and potentials to generate income, a clearer picture of how much more you need to be able to enjoy an early retirement and be out of debt will be evident. Consider increasing your capacity to earn more and plunge your earnings into retirement savings plan or into any investment plan that will, in turn, create more wealth. If you need to invest in yourself in order to increase your capacity to generate more income, all the best go ahead and do just that. An early retirement demand that you do your best now and save for your desired lifestyle.


Finally, carry out a comprehensive need assessment: Working with a financial planning advisor or counselor to produce a need assessment report will help you achieve a better result. Be sure to consider the totality of your needs upon retirement. Look at things such as your tax liability, your health insurance liability. Always turn to a professional financial planning advisor when in doubt.


Working towards an early retirement and a life of opulence after retirement is a worthy venture, which must be properly planned. There are many retirement savings planners available in the marketplace that will work with you to deliver a workable plan which you can execute easily and thus achieve your purpose of a debt free early retirement lifestyle, after all, you’ve worked hard for it, by all means, do enjoy your labor.

A professional debt management company has the requisite knowledge and skills to help you achieve all the aforementioned and a whole lot more. Debt management company will sit down and do the math with you, draw a strategic plan for you to follow in other to retire early and debt free. Debt management company will create a viable retirement savings plan for you.


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