Developing a Good Credit Score Towards Attracting Debt Relief


While on a Debt relief program, some feels that building or repairing their credit without a major credit card is an unconquerable challenge. Others may not have any credit established or very poor credit and are looking for a solution to help improve their situations.

Either you are looking to build your credit score or striving hard to rebuild after making some fewer mistakes, there are some Strategies you can use to Develop or improve a good credit score which includes but not limited to:

  • Checking your Credit report:

What is your credit report? Your credit report is the record from which your credit rating is determined. It is a very good idea to always check you credit report at least once every six month, checking if all information such as married name, new address etc. is still valid. And if there are no errors on your credit report and should in-case there are any errors you try to remove immediately so that it will have a positive impact on your credit rating.

  • Keep up Impeccable Payment History

Endeavoring to make on-time payment, this is the best strategy in which you can use to build a good credit score. One amazing way to boost your creating rating is to always pay your bills promptly, although you might be faced with difficulties but do not just ignore your creditors, make known to them your current situations and arrange with them an option to help until your circumstances improve. And do not make the mistake of applying for a new loan or credit card because it is not a good idea and it might hurt your score.

  • Maintain Low Credit Utilization

The is the best way to keep a high score. Although consumers carries some indebtedness, but it is better to maintain a low credit utilization as low as 30% of the available balance. Never to forget that cancellation of older accounts may have effect on this ratio if consumers are not careful. Cancellation of older cards that are unused may takes a utilization ratio of 30% and this may cause the score to drop suddenly.

  • Correction of Mistakes on the credit Report

Although debt is not a negativity when it comes to home or even a car because you need it for your day to day activity. However, improperly labeled debt could cause serious problems and that is why you need to check your credit report often in other to check for any mistakes on the credit report and if any, you should contact the credit bureaus and prove to them that the information is incorrect. It is then the credit bureaus will make amendment and make sure it is in balance.


In summary, Building a good credit score takes a lot of time but by following the above stratgies will reduces the rate. Making on-time payment, lowering debt and following along with the credit reports will allow you to have a clue about the stand of your credit scores and any improvement that need made to boost the credit score will be noted. Keep working and in the meantime you could build up your credit score/rating.




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