What is Debt Consolidation?


Debt Consolidation is a term which is used for combining together numerous debts which are unsecured. These debts may be the customer’s personal loans, credit cards, payday loans, medical bills etc. In place of writing many checks to the creditors the bills of them can be consolidated into one check. By doing these penalties such as late payment or amount mentioned incorrectly in the checks can be avoided.

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How does Debt Consolidation help?

Consolidation of the debts may not show instant results but these are strategies for long-term so that the debtors can get out of the debt.

The right way of doing Debt consolidations can:

  • Lower the payments every month: For instance, supposed you are paying a total of $5,000 on your debt before consolidating them, through debt consolidation it is possible that you may have to pay less than $3,000.
  • Interest rates can be lowered
  • Credit score can be protected
  • Helps to get them out of debts as quickly as possible.

Types of Debt Consolidation:

  • Debt Management Plans
  • Debt settlement
  • Debt Consolidation loans

The best method to consolidate debt:

Depending upon the amount of debt a person owes, different types of plans or methods can be applied. If the debt amount is less than three thousand dollars of his credit card then it can be useful to take a credit card on zero percent interest and transfer the balance of a high- interest rate credit card to it. A personal loan can also be taken to pay off a smaller loan amount like the credit card debt.

If the debt amount is large then it is best to consolidate this loan without going in for the second loan. Debt Management Plan can be useful here.

Debt Management Plan is preferred when it comes to debt consolidation. There are some organizations that have counselling sessions for debtors and then they talk to the creditors to lower the interest rate or waive off the late payment fee. They divide the payment to all the creditors. This affects the credit score no doubt but at the end of a few years the person is loan free which then improves the score

Debt Consolidation Loans permits the debtor to pay only to one creditor in place of many with interest rate lower than the existing one and should be fixed. This makes it easier for debtors to pay off his debts. The debt payment time may increase this way but the bills will be paid off eventually.

Consolidation Loans:

There are credit unions or even banks which give consolidation loans. There are many online sites these days which lend money. The person has to learn to consolidate his loans firstly. Knowing the credit score, collecting the information about all his bills and loans, the payment done monthly and the interest rates are an important way to start this. When the information is consolidated then the comparing of this information to the rate, time, fees of the lender should be done.

Debt Consolidation is not everyone’s cup of tea and people need the help of companies to consolidate the debts for them. Debt Consolidation can be done in various ways by these companies.


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