5 Common Errors To Avoid While Trying To Consolidate Debt


The fact that you are in debt and can no longer fulfill your financial obligations to your creditors does not make you a fool, you are almost in the same situation as many young and upwardly mobile Americans. Unless you decide to recognize your present status and predicament and consciously refuse to bring about a turn around, you might then be taken as one. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of madness. Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifice in order to become debt free? Are you willing to acquire the needed financial know how, that will garvishes your recline from the debt quagmire? What if I tell you that you are about to discover 5 common errors people in debt often make that make them sink deeper into more debt, what will you give for this knowledge? A financial institution offering debt consolidation loan is where most Americans turn to when faced with the reality of their frivolous spending, however, before you approach a financial institution for a debt consolidation loan endeavor to read this article further. Here are five (5) most common errors to avoid while trying to consolidate debt.

  • Failure to address the real problem

Most debtors in United States of America often times fail to address the root cause of their indebtedness before approaching a debt consolidation service provider. Understand that a commination of bad financial decisions is what has brought about your present financial predicament.

Figure out how to live within what you can afford to cut down your expenses. Make a financial budget with a savings plan and stick to it. Failure to address the root cause of the indebtedness before approaching the debt consolidation company is the number one most common error any debtor can make.

  • Falling into scams

Another common error often make by debtors in their attempt to consolidate their loans is falling into  the hands of scamers.

There are many financial predators in the debt consolidation market masquerading as genuine advisers whereas their motive is nefarious. They will try to arm-twist you into signing up for their programs without laying out the details. They conceal some of their charges and present irresistible offer just to lock you into their program carrying out due diligence before any commitment is made is the solution for this error of judgement.

  • Failure to stick to the program

Failure to stick to the program is another common error often made by debtors in their attempts to consolidate their loans.

Debt consolidation doesn’t include options of not repaying as expected, when you fail to stick to the program it will damage your credit scores badly and the bank never forget nor forgives you for this.

Once you register or sign up for the services of a debt consolidation company, take your time and plan ahead to ensure that you follow the plan lead down by the debt consolidation company.

  • Picking the wrong debt management program.

Another common mistakes debtors often make while seeking to consolidate their debt is to pick the wrong debt management program:

As a consumer you must understand that debt consolidation is not the only option on the table to get out of indebtedness. There are several options available to choose from in your quest for financial freedom. Although this other options might seems overwhelming, take your time, do the necessary research and seek financial counselling from experts in order to be properly guided. Some of the other options include but not limited to debt settlement, credit counselling, bankruptcy.

  • Working with the wrong professionals:

The last but not the least of the common errors often make by debtors seeking to consolidate their loans in order to gain financial freedom is working with on certified professionals.

Make sure you are not shortchanged by unscrupulous individuals and companies parading themselves as financial experts/advisors. For the umpteenth time, I will advise you to contact a truly certified professional debt consolidation advisor or company for the best of services that ensures your financial freedom in a reasonable timeframe while you stick to the program specifically designed for you .


In summary, while seeking to consolidate your debt in order to gain financial freedom endeavor to avoid making this common mistakes so as not to fall deeper into financial crisis. Mistakes such as failure to address the real financial issues,  falling into the hands of scammers, failure to stick to the plan developed by debt consolidation company for you, picking the wrong management program and not ensuring the credentials of the advisor or company you are using will only lead to further decline into more debt.


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